Chinajam / Camels and donkeys

hi all!

Like for everybody else, our holidays are over, it’s time to go back to work.

At last, after some hold-ups with customs and check points, we have finally arrived at our new home: the Chinese Base Camp (3600m). We managed to carry all our gear and food in one go! Ok we did get a little help from two camels who carried 200kg each! And three donkeys (on top of the expedition members) who also carried a fair bit of weight. It’s really beautiful here and the atmosphere is very different to any of our previous expeditions. Hopefully we will find what we are looking for. Some of us are looking for boulders, big walls and great acoustics others are looking for spiritual enlightenment, sufferfests and wisdom. It’s just so exciting to be here.

So far the team is doing really well: after arriving at base camp, Sean has a bad case of diarrhea, Nico has a bit of a sunstroke and is vomiting, Stéphane has a bad headache and Evrard has a sore back. So nothing unusual to report really.

Now we need to explore the valley to see if we can find anything attractive.

More news to come!


The Chinajam team : Stéphane Hanssens, Sean Villanueva, Nicolas Favresse and Evrard Wendenbaum

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