China Jam / Exploring the valley

The last few days here have been pretty intense. Since the camels left us with all our gear, we have been exploring deeper into the valley in order to find what we are looking for : a steep and long wall which would challenge our climbing and musical skills.
So we walked everyday for hours in every directions and side valleys going up long glaciers and sometimes this proved to be a lot harder and exhausting than expected with the lack of acclimatisation and the deep snow. We quickly realized all rock faces if not facing south are completly plastered with snow and ice.

Actually, what striked us the most during these first days is the climate. Every day the sky is clear in the morning offering us majestic views of the mountains around, but in the afternoon, the weather gets bad and we finish our explorations under a freezing humid snow.

The good news is that we found our next objective and we are now heading to a new advanced camp with all our gear for the wall. It will take us three days to load the whole pack there but we are so impatient to climb that the heavy load feels light. Right now we are eating our spicy Chinese noodles before carrying the next load up to abc, but not to worry: we have scheduled a short stop for some sick bouldering.

More news later, and as our friend Libecki would say: The time is now! Life is sweet!!

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